Ideas for stickers! Note that the art here is just for pose and inspiration, I would very much like your style and your artistic liberty!

#1: Giving a ‘You’ character, raspberries — or as I call them, “Tummy Trumpets”

#2: Riding onewheel/monowheel/electric unicycle:
If you’ve never seen these before, here’s a video of me zipping around at Anthrocon on one of these: link

#3: Crying, but kind of more like “you’re leaving without me?” and less of a “sad” (I already have a sad sticker)

#4: Finger guns

#5: Face palm

#6: Putting on tight shiny outfit

(I’m not sure about this one, but basically the character is just putting on a tight black latex outfit or something. Maybe waist-up, showing him pulling it on)

Art concept, But not this complex:

#7: Grinning and wagging tail like a doofus

#8: Husky Approved! stamp

#9: So I have this thing I do, based on this video of an actual husky jumping on a guy under the bedsheets: link to video
My friends & I call this “giving someone Huskies”.

So this sticker would be a “you” character flat on the ground, with me sitting on top of them, pressing on their chest, with an excited look on my face, like I am trying to get them to play.

#10: Food bowl in mouth, begging for food: